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Welcome to AvenidA Hotels

AvenidA Hotels – a brand of the Alpin Family – are located in Austria’s prime destinations and unite timeless architecture in the alpine style with luxurious furnishings

Nikolaus by AvenidA | Classic Double Room View with Sauna

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AvenidA is the Spanish word for avenue, literally translating to wide road.

An ‘AvenidA’ usually beings and ends at a large square where there is always activity. People experience, meet and converse.

We build projects for people who want to experience something, who want to meet up and converse!

More about AvenidA

Glemm by AvenidA

In 2007 began the success story of AvenidA, one of the best known brands of the Alpin Family. The Alpine-style accommodations combine timeless Austrian architecture with luxurious furnishings. Natural stone and wooden elements, as well as luxury finishes, create a cozy, stylish ambience to feel at home. Our AvenidA resorts are located in top destinations in Austria that offer attractive leisure activities in all four seasons.

We have already successfully realized over 10 projects under the AvenidA brand.